Dreaming of Monday is all about contradiction. We allow ourselves to see things differently, in order to be creative and innovative. Who dream of Mondays? We do! Who think wearing accessories should be inspiring and simple? We do! By adding the everyday elegance to a generally formal accessory, such as the tie, we want to redefine how and where you use it, making accessories more available and relevant to everyone.

We work beyond traditional seasons and instead we try to build up a library of styles, which can be used anytime of the year. During the year we divide the releases of our collection into smaller drops, each drop having new, unique styles.

A common feature for all collections is our focus on colours inspired by nature. Here in Sweden we have a diverse climate, where each season has its own unique colour-palette, making nature the perfect source of inspiration.

In our small atelier we design and produce all our accessories, which are made with the outmost attention to details and with the highest level of craftsmanship. From the fabric the accessory is made of, down to the thread used for sewing it together we only use premium materials such as wool, silk and linen, which are exclusively bought from the most renowned manufactures in Europe.

With Dreaming of Monday we aim to reshape the image of accessories from being strict and formal, to something more suitable for casual everyday use. Our vision is to create a platform for premium accessories, a platform filled with products made for everyone.